Ma’an Association – English Hospital – Nazareth

Ma'an Association - English Hospital - Nazareth

The Arab community lives in a state of constant emergency, and at Ma’an Center, we are constantly working to develop and provide our services to the Arab community, especially in the areas of support and mental health. This is particularly crucial as the number of specialized centers in this field in the Nazareth region and surrounding areas is almost non-existent. The center receives ongoing financial support from the Afifi Group, which helps in creating and implementing projects in two areas: raising awareness of mental health and providing psychological treatments. However, sustainability was a challenge for us, and thus the project would end once the donation amount was depleted.

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With the recent emergency situation following October 7th, the urgent need for support and psychological treatment increased dramatically. We started receiving dozens of requests daily from individuals from various Arab towns in need of urgent psychological treatment due to the current situation in the country. Each request comes with a story – some have lost their jobs, others their education, and some have lost their families and friends. We faced a significant challenge in accommodating these requests due to the lack of sufficient human resources with the expertise to handle this volume. Therefore, we reached out to the Afifi Group and managed to secure an initial donation of fifty thousand shekels. We were delighted to learn about the Emergency Donations Matching Program with Qudra Foundation, which had a completely different impact! Qudra Foundation helped us achieve sustainable impact by matching donations from the Afifi Group. Initially, we thought we would only provide psychological support services, but thanks to the matched support, we were able to create new jobs that serve both the center and the community. We also increased the number of trainees, mental health professionals, and therapists in all fields.

Areas worked on:

  1. Psychological support and treatment
  2. Providing new job opportunities
  3. Workshops
  4. Research


In terms of psychological treatment, we had been working for years at a slow pace due to our inability to recruit high financial amounts. Thanks to the matched support, we were able to increase our work pace and provided psychological treatment to 355 patients. Patients began recommending the center to others, and our services expanded to include patients from all Arab towns, not just Nazareth and its surroundings. This crisis turned out to be an opportunity for Ma’an Center to expand its services and projects and ensure their sustainability, thanks to this donation. We will soon see the fruits of our work and the true quality in the near future. Additionally, we were able to employ four new professionals in various fields and begin important research in the field of emergency support and psychological treatment.

Regarding obtaining additional donations, Qudra Foundation opened up avenues for us to receive additional donations from international funding bodies to continue our journey towards psychological support.



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