Health Corporation Galilee Medical Center

A public hospital serving a diverse population of approximately 600,000.

Health Corporation Galilee Medical Center

A public hospital serving a diverse population of approximately 600,000.

Background story:

From the beginning of the war until all sides returned to normal life, the staff of the Galilee Medical Center, Jews, and Arabs alike, began to support and strengthen the resilience of the residents of the north who were affected by the situation. With more than 700 beds, the Galilee Medical Center is the largest medical center in the northern region and the largest employer in the region with more than 3,000 employees from all religions and sectors. Arabs comprise 40% of the hospital’s staff (about 1,280 out of 3,200).

The General Director of the medical center, Prof. Massad Barhoum, is the first Arab appointed by the Ministry of Health to run a public hospital in 2007. As part of his role, Prof. Barhoum has made promoting coexistence between Jews and Arabs his motto.

As is known, the population of the northern region was affected by the fighting and increased alert along the border. The Galilee Medical Center is located only 10 kilometers from the Lebanese border. However, it is still required to continue operating to ensure the provision of medical care to those who need it. 121 staff members were evacuated and directly affected by the fighting, and we, as their employers, were required to support them.


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There are currently three initiatives to support evacuees at the Galilee Medical

1.     Operating nurseries and kindergartens for children of employees who do not have organized educational frameworks due to the evacuation or closure of schools.

2.     Construction of an accommodation complex for workers who have been evacuated from their homes and need to stay close to the hospital.

3.     Providing psychological support to staff members through the hospital’s social work and psychological staff.

About 50 employees from the medical center are currently working under these three initiatives.


1. Strengthening the resilience of the residents of the north affected by the war, including those evacuated from their homes, Jews and Arabs alike.

2. Providing psychological support to members of the medical center staff who are forced to continue their vital work to save lives despite the challenges and changes in their lives.

3. Supporting employees to ensure the continued operation of the Galilee Medical Center, and to provide life-saving medical treatment to residents of the Western Galilee and the security forces operating on the Lebanese border.

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